Use Mobile Grocery Coupons for the Holidays

Mobile grocery coupons may not be top of mind in consumers’ holiday shopping strategy, but perhaps they should be. As the holiday season approaches American shoppers start to scramble to find enough cash to make it a holiday season to remember. With all the pressure to create a memorable holiday, shoppers can put themselves in a financial debacle if they are not smart about their holiday shopping.

According to LearnVest founder and CEO, Alexa von Tobel, “People have the worst spending habits during the holidays.” She also said that 13.6 million Americans entered 2011 in debt, partly due to holiday spending habits. Mobile grocery coupons can help shoppers save on the weekly necessities and free up some holiday spending cash to avoid getting deeper into debt.

Approximately $485 billion worth of coupons — both print and mobile grocery coupons — were available in 2010, according to Yahoo’s Financially Fit. The average savings per coupon was $1.46 and one site claims that a family can find as much as $40 in savings each week by redeeming coupons. Within the weeks prior to the holidays, those mobile grocery coupons savings can add up to a couple of hundred dollars. That can make a substantial and positive impact on the holiday shopping plan.

Not much effort is required for shoppers to start building these savings. Mobile grocery coupons apps give consumers savings opportunities right at their fingertips, with very little effort. A good majority of consumers carry a mobile phone with them at all times and rarely forget it at home, unlike paper grocery coupons that often get forgotten on the kitchen counter. Introducing mobile grocery coupons into a shopping strategy can ensure that the opportunity for savings is never missed.

Major manufacturers feature coupons on their own websites as well, which is a great way for brand-loyal shoppers to find savings on their favorite holiday products. Typically, consumers can search the manufacturer’s site for a desired product and print the grocery coupons directly from the site. One advantage mobile grocery coupons have over printable coupons is that a mobile grocery coupons app will notify a user when a coupon is going to expire and will offer recommendations for savings on a product similar to the desired item.

The savings available for holiday shoppers is substantial. When the typical household budget goes haywire as the holiday draws nearer, mobile grocery coupons can help consumers stay on track and even get ahead of the spending game. With a pinch of effort to collect the coupons and a smidgen of discipline to buy necessities with coupons, a family can pull together a recipe for a successful holiday season of spending. The key is sticking with a plan and buying necessities and limiting impulse splurges.

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Using Grocery Coupons on a Long Vacation

Does bringing grocery coupons on vacation seem like a silly idea? Not if you’re looking to save anywhere you can in these shaky economic times. Have you put off a vacation or stayed closer to home because you have less expendable income? You’re not alone. But, deal hounds can snoop out affordable destination condo and home rentals with many properties desperate for visitors, so it’s possible to find some great deals in lodging options. And with grocery coupons in hand, an affordable, long vacation may be more possible than you think.

One of the largest and understandable expenses on a long vacation is dining out. It’s understandable that many travelers will want to try the local fare and flavors (after all, why go to a McDonald’s or Pizza Hut in a far-off place, when it’s going to taste just like the McDonald’s and Pizza Hut at home?). However, if you do a bit of planning and preparation for meals, you may be able to indulge a little more sensibly. There are countless ways you can use grocery coupons to make a vacation less financially stressful, especially if you’re staying in condos or an extended stay hotel with a kitchen.

Most vacation rentals provide a fully-stocked kitchen as far as pots, pans, dishes, utensils, and basic appliances go. With grocery coupons, you can stock up on the staples like coffee, paper towels, and cereal and save money doing so. Most manufacturer’s coupons can be used at any grocery store across the country, not just your local. Savvy shoppers can spend a little time collecting grocery coupons in the weeks leading up to vacation from their local newspaper circular. They do not take up much space and can easily be packed away. Or you can even use a mobile coupon app to collect and organize them

Eating breakfast in the condo is a great way to save. Grocery coupons are available on every cereal brand out there, as well as on bacon, breads, cheeses, milk and other breakfast accompaniments. Making coffee at home base instead of running out to the big chain coffee shops will surely save a lot. For those who want something a little more special than a regular cup of coffee, you can even find grocery coupons on specialty creamers and coffee flavorings.

Surely, vacationers want to get out to dinner and enjoy local gastro-delights, and you should experience the flavors any destination has to offer. You can take advantage of a well stocked kitchen and still enjoy a “home” cooked meal. You can cash in grocery coupons on the basics and ask the locals for some suggestions on specialty food store or farmer’s markets.

Lodging deals abound, food savings opportunities aplenty — families desperate for long trip out of town can get started on booking a long vacation now with grocery coupons in hand.

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Printable Coupons Offer Savings for People Without Cell Phones

Printable coupons are gaining popularity with consumers seeking to save anywhere that they can. Whether it’s saving money at the supermarket, your favorite restaurant, or even when you’re getting some Christmas shopping done, you can count on coupons to help you save money while you buy much-needed stuff.

People are turning to coupons and discounts for their groceries and household items. Many smartphone owners are using mobile coupon apps for their savings, but that’s leaving out the flip phone owners and non-cell phone users. But you can still cash in on the savings without sorting through the newspapers and coupon mailers to find your coupons — just turn to printable coupons.

Many coupon websites already have an option to print coupons, while some of them also offer companion coupon apps. But you don’t need to use the mobile app to get access to the website. As long as you have access to a computer and printer, you can find coupons on food items, personal items, and even laundry and cleaning items. Even if you don’t have a personal computer, use one at your local library. It may cost you a few cents a page to print out, but the savings you can get are worth the cost of the paper.

You’ll find printable coupons for just about anything you can dream up, in addition to the typical food and home items. Families who want affordable ways to have fun can find coupons for museums, parks, cable movie rentals, pizza, and even party stores. Printable coupons are helping families to still have fun even when the economy is shaky.

Most printable coupons sites make it easy for consumers to find the special offers they need. You can browse the different categories or use the search feature to find the coupons you want. Once you found what you needed, check out and print all your coupons at once. This way, you can print several coupons per page, without wasting a lot of paper or ink cartridges.

With all the money you’ll be saving on groceries with printable coupons, you may even save enough money for an evening out. Of course, you can sometimes find printable coupons for major department stores that will let you get an outfit for that special evening. Sometimes, even the smaller stores have coupons you can print out at home.

In tight financial times, families demonstrate their best creativity in making a dollar stretch. Printable coupons can help anyone find a few extra dollars even if they do not have a cell phone. Mobile coupon apps are a great way to save, but printable coupons can reach more people looking to save.

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Grocery Coupons Savings for New Moms

Grocery coupons can help new moms find savings on frequently purchased items like diapers, wipes, baby food, and formula. No one ever said that having a baby would be cheap. Quite the opposite, in fact. Their new little bundles of joy are certainly priceless, but man oh man, are they pricey. The new expenses that come along with newborns can rattle a family’s budget, but with the help of grocery coupons new moms can save on the household necessities.

A recent study found that a family spending only 20 minutes a week collecting and redeeming grocery coupons could save 20 percent on their grocery bill. With the average American family spending approximately $5,000 each year on groceries, that can equate to annual savings of $1,000. That is encouraging news for new moms. Finding grocery coupons has never been easier with Internet sites and mobile coupon apps popping up to offer grocery savings.

Hitting the grocery store with a shopping list is a well-tested and proven way to save on the final bill. Mobile grocery coupon apps provide new moms the ability to create multiple shopping lists and to stay organized with grocery coupons. The mobile app allows new moms to build a list of regularly purchased items and then finds the grocery coupons for that particular or similar product. Time is hard to find with a newborn at home and shopping lists with mobile apps can help reduce time spent looking for discounts on baby food.

Some of the mobile coupon apps also offer printable coupons from their website. Instead of scouring through various newspapers and circulars, you can let your favorite coupon website find the needed savings. Once you find them, you can print the coupons out from one spot on your home computer. This saves time and helps to keep grocery coupons organized.

Another available convenience with coupons is the geo-location feature with many of the new mobile coupon apps. These apps use geo-location and the GPS function of your smartphone to find out which stores closest to you have particular items on sale, or have valid coupons available. So imagine you’re on your way home from errands on the other side of town, and you discover you need diapers. You can have the mobile app locate which store is offering diaper grocery coupons closest to your current location. You can make a quick stop and keep baby on schedule.

The time saved with mobile apps is a great benefit to new moms juggling feedings, naps, doctor appointments, and all the excitement of a new baby. New moms can find great discounts in ways that work with their schedule – either by going online to print coupons or downloading grocery coupons right to their smartphone.

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Mobile Grocery Coupons or Paper Coupons?

Mobile grocery coupons are growing in popularity these days. With the economy bumping along the bottom, it is no wonder that consumers seek to save their hard earned dollars any way they can. Where shoppers can find grocery coupons and how they use them varies as much as the wide-range products being discounted.

Of course, the traditional paper coupons found in the Sunday paper still get clipped and used on a regular basis. However, with the growing use of smartphones, mobile grocery coupons are becoming extremely popular for consumers looking for additional savings. A lot of people carry a smartphone on them at all times and accessing mobile grocery coupons through their mobile device provides a convenience unmatched by paper coupons.

So, the question is which to use – paper coupons or mobile grocery coupons? Each offers its own benefits and limitations. Paper coupons found in the Sunday newspaper are delivered right to consumers’ doorsteps and are packaged in one spot. Some people are just used to spending the time clipping, sorting, and organizing these coupons. It is just what they do and have done, so they continue to do so.

However, more manufacturers are starting to offer their grocery coupons through mobile grocery coupons apps. Newspapers are suffering from steep drops in advertising revenue and readership, so they are pushing out their content (and advertising) online and through mobile devices. The changing distribution of information and news affects how readers receive and respond to advertisements. Media outlets are trying to reach more people on their mobile devices and so are grocery product manufacturers.

Mobile grocery coupons give shoppers a one-stop shop for coupons much like the Sunday paper and weekly circulars. The more users the apps get, the more product coupons manufacturers will offer. Different coupon apps allows shoppers to save in ways that best fit their shopping plan and strategies. It provides an on-the-go way to save instead of worrying about remembering to grab all the clipped paper coupons stacked up on the kitchen counter.

Users of mobile grocery coupons have many ways to adapt couponing with their cell phones. They can access shopping lists that they have created with their coupon apps. Geo-location technology can point them to the closest grocery store offering coupons for items on their shopping list. When shoppers are on their way home from work and are without their paper coupons, they can still take advantage of savings with mobile grocery coupons. That’s just smart!

Once consumers are in their preferred major grocery chain, they can simply scan the barcode on any product to locate a coupon with their favorite app. No forethought about coupons is required. They just grab what they need and find mobile grocery coupons while shopping. That is a convenience that is just not available with paper grocery coupons.

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Sources for Free Grocery Coupons

Using grocery coupons is a growing trend with American consumers. New television shows feature shoppers that use grocery coupons to extremes and new websites and blogs are constantly being created to share couponing techniques with consumers looking save where they can. A recent survey said that more than three out of four shoppers regularly used coupons in 2010.

It is worth their time, too. One study found that a family spending only 20 minutes a week collecting and redeeming grocery coupons could easily save 20 percent on their grocery bill. That can equate to annual savings of $1,000, when the average American family spends $5,000 on groceries per year. So, where are all of these free grocery coupons? Shoppers can find coupons in their mailbox, online, and with the WOWPONS mobile phone app.

Many free coupons simply arrive in consumers’ mailboxes each week in coupon mailers and shopper magazines and newspapers. Sometimes referred to as circulars, these papers typically are delivered without the recipient ever signing up for them. Free coupons just show up without any necessary action from shoppers looking to save.

The Sunday paper is probably the most widely-known place to find grocery coupons. Many Americans subscribe only to the Sunday paper instead of receiving the paper each day of the week because they are interested primarily in the coupons that come on Sundays — or they like the funnies (personally, we like both). In the Sunday paper, consumers can find free coupons from major manufacturers. Also, most major grocery retail chains offer their own free grocery coupons in the Sunday newspaper.

One of the newest and fastest growing free grocery coupon trends is mobile coupons with WOWPONS. Consumers with a smartphone can download WOWPONS right to their cell phone. With the smartphone’s camera, shopper can scan the barcode on products. WOWPONS locates any available coupons for that item, either from the manufacturer or from the grocery retailer. Downloading the coupons is extremely easy and convenient.

WOWPONS loads the coupons right to the shopper’s loyalty card for that store. To redeem the coupons, shoppers simply hand the loyalty card to the cashier. WOWPONS even offers savings to shoppers that do not carry a smartphone through our website. Users simply register on our website, and WOWPONS provides grocery coupons in the shopper’s area that can be printed straight from the site.

Consumers are looking to save anywhere that they can. Finding free grocery coupons is becoming a crucial part to American families’ savings strategy. With the ability to save hundreds of dollars by using coupons, it is no wonder that consumers are adopting WOWPONS to locate savings on regularly-purchased products.

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Pros and Cons of Mobile Coupons

New mobile coupons become more readily available each day and more consumers adapt them into their shopping strategy daily. WOWPONS continues to advance the technology of mobile coupons making easier for shoppers to integrate coupons into their shopping. When considering the pros and cons of integrating these types of coupons, it is hard to find many cons.

The fact that a good majority of consumers carry a cell phone with them at all times creates an obvious fit for business looking to connect to specific demographics and target audiences on a regular basis. More and more retailers and manufacturers jump on the WOWPONS bandwagon, giving consumers more and more options for savings. Manufacturers keep trying to beat each other’s mobile coupons. Competition makes for better offers for consumers.

If most consumers today carry a cell phone and if these consumers are downloading savings with their cell phones, then these shoppers are more likely to have their coupons readily available. The convenience of WOWPONS beats having to remember to bring clipped coupons on an outing from the house.

WOWPONS tie into shoppers’ loyalty cards at major grocery store chains. Shoppers scan items and locate coupons with their smartphone’s camera. The coupons then download to their loyalty card. Shoppers simply hand over their loyalty card to the cashier to redeem the savings with out fumbling through a bunch of loose paper coupons. That’s just smart shopping!

Also, there is need for sorting through a stack of clipped coupons while shopping only to find that the coupon has expired. WOWPONS alert users when mobile coupons near the expiration date and will notify shoppers which store is nearest their current location to redeem the coupon. If a coupon expires before the shopper redeems the offer, WOWPONS suggests a similar product available with a coupon.

Very few cons actually exist relative to mobile coupons. A shopper could possibly leave his or her cell phone at home but is more likely to forget a cluttered stack of clipped coupons at home. Even if the shopper left his or her mobile device at home, he or she could redeem any mobile coupons already loaded on the loyalty card for that store through WOWPONS.

Several specialty grocery stores and local markets do not accept mobile coupons yet which could be seen as a con. Stores of this nature often offer unique and specialized products that rarely come with a coupon, printed or digital. Shopping local positively impacts the economy and environment, but so does WOWPONS. We help reduce paper waste with our virtual coupons.

The cons of this growing mobile coupons trend are few and far between. WOWPONS introduce a way to save for the many shoppers who already carry their cell phone at all times.

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