How to Use Mobile Coupons on a Mobile Phone

With mobile coupons becoming easier to use, there is no need to clip paper coupons from the Sunday paper, or for a computer or printer to redeem them; all you need are a smartphone and a the Wowpons app. We’ll take care of the rest.

But in addition to the Wowpons app, here are four other ways you can find special offers with your mobile phone.

Text clubs: Some retailers and restaurants are participating in text clubs where customers can join to receive occasional messages and special offers that are available only to text club members. Just follow these instructions, and you’ll receive a text message. Show it to the retailer to redeem the offer. These clubs are free to join and help you find the best deals at your favorite restaurants, bars, and stores.

QR Codes: These are the funny looking squares you see more and more on store windows, in magazine pages, and even on billboards. Because you can easily scan these with your smartphone, retailers are adapting their mobile coupons to evolve with the changing technologies. Just scan the QR codes posted on retailers’ doors, menus, or marketing materials to find out more about the business and to see if there are any mobile coupons available.

Barcodes: If you can read QR codes, you can also read the traditional barcodes. This allows you to find the best deals or read more information about a product. It also allows some stores to send you to their own store’s website, where they can offer special coupons to be redeemed later. You can tie these coupons in to Wowpons mobile coupon app.

Email: Email campaigns are still a part of the mobile coupon trend because retailers treat their consumers’ email addresses like gold — it is a direct line of communication to you, their loyal customer. Retailers can email a coupon with an embedded barcode or QR code directly to you. When you’re at the store, just pull up the email on your phone and have the cashier scan the digital coupon.

Location-based Networks: Some location-based apps like Foursquare and Yelp offer targeted coupons to users based on where they are at that exact moment. Imagine you’re in a new part of town, and you want something to eat. You can turn on your mobile phone, check Foursquare or Yelp, and see what your network recommends. You can even find the restaurants that have coupons available. For example, some restaurants offer 10% off their meal if you check in and show your phone to their server. Wowpons has a similar service, and can show you stores that are having a special on items that you have coupons for. This means you don’t have to miss out on special offers.

The more consumers adopt this growing mobile coupon technology, the more retailers will learn about our mobile habits. This allows the retailers to offer more valuable coupons and special offers, as well as work with mobile coupon apps like Wowpons, giving us extra savings on places and products that are of interest to us. The key is making these coupons easily accessible and available in real time. Wowpons can do that for you.


About smartmobileshopper

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