Use Mobile Grocery Coupons without a Smartphone

Mobile grocery coupons popularity continues to grow with the strained economy and new cell phone technologies, like smartphones. Grocery stores, retailers, and restaurants are trying to keep consumers shopping by offering coupons and have found that mobile smartphones are great way to reach their customers. But just because these grocers target cell phone users does not mean that everyone actually has a cell phone with a web browser or the ability to download applications for mobile grocery coupons. Many people still use flip phones (also called feature phones), while others don’t even have a cell phone at all.

Knowing that many consumers do not use a smartphone, some mobile grocery coupons companies, like WOWPONS, offer people the option to print these coupons from a home computer. All the shopper needs is Internet access and a printer to get the same savings. Grocery coupons companies offer access to the coupons for mobile devices, but can also provide them on their website in printable coupons. Some people still prefer to have a printed paper coupon and have become comfortable surfing the Internet for deals.

If you’re looking to save money on monthly necessities like groceries, you can simply go to WOWPONS mobile coupons printable coupons and find savings being offered in your area. There is typically a field on the website where the user enters their ZIP code to narrow the search to local offerings. Put in your ZIP code, and we’ll take care of the rest.

The printable coupons are listed in categories like Health, Food, and Office Supplies. Some grocery coupons are specific to a grocery store. Others are manufacturer’s coupons to be used at whatever store the shopper chooses. Once a user has narrowed their coupon search by category and location, the coupons appear on the page. A thrifty shopper can “clip” multiple coupons at one time by checking the box next to the desired coupons. There is no limit to how many grocery coupons a bargain hunter can select.

After the desired coupons are chosen, the shopper just has to click the “print coupons” button on the web page. Some mobile grocery coupon sites will ask the user to install their printing program first. This allows the information from the online coupon to properly appear on printed format.

The printable coupon version of the mobile grocery coupons often looks just like traditional coupons cut from the Sunday paper or circular. Most of the time, the coupons will have a barcode on them. The shopper just hands the grocery coupons to be scanned at the checkout.

Just because technology moves and changes so quickly, does not mean that shoppers need to be left behind in the dust. Grocery coupons offer convenient savings not only to consumers with smartphones but also anyone with access to a computer and printer.


About smartmobileshopper

WOW! Saving money at the grocery store is faster and easier than ever before with WOWPONS mobile app for grocery coupons! In just 3 easy steps you can save Time, Money, and the Planet with WOWPONS: 1. Download WOWPONS to your smart phone 2. Use your phone to scan & add grocery and drugstore items to your custom WOWPONS list 3. Enjoy big savings as WOWPONS searches for all the coupons on products you use every day! No more searching online, printing coupons, or clipping coupons for the products you need. WOWPONS Saves Time and Saves the Planet by automatically gathering all of the best coupons just for you. Save Money while WOWPONS’ genius application finds your grocery store’s location and combines all the offers on the products you buy into a single streamlined mobile site: Online coupons, printable coupons, grocery coupons, mobile coupons and more. If a coupon isn’t available for the brand you usually buy, WOWPONS suggests a similar product from a different manufacturer. Wow…that’s smart! WOWPONS takes savings on Time, Money and the Planet even further to meet the lifestyle needs of you and your family. Does your doctor tell you to eat only heart-healthy or gluten-free foods? No problem. Have a preference for only organic or Kosher foods? WOWPONS’ smart integration with national food nutrition databases takes care of that too. WOWPONS is FREE in your smart phone’s mobile application store and there are NO membership fees. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to save!
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One Response to Use Mobile Grocery Coupons without a Smartphone

  1. Gilda Ketch says:

    Great product. I have been using this for the past two weeks and loving it. Saved $40 last week.


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