Store Mobile Coupons on Your Cell Phone

Wowpons’ mobile coupons app may save your sanity just by reducing the amount of work you have to do to clip coupons

We all want the deals and perks that stores are offering us by becoming a free member or getting their loyalty card, but there’s now a better way to organize these coupons into our smartphones with Wowpons mobile coupons app.

Mobile coupons allow you to use the coupons directly off of your smartphone at checkout, exactly the way paper coupons are used except you just show the cashier your loyalty card. Rather than cutting, collecting, and passing each paper coupon, which takes a lot of time and wastes a lot of paper, you can collect them all in Wowpons and load them to your store’s loyalty card number.

Mobile coupons make everyone’s shopping experience more enjoyable and will also save you all the time and hassle of finding and sorting coupons, and remembering to bring them to the store with you. Stores around the nation are making mobile access to their coupons easier. We created Wowpons to help you locate and use those deals without having to mess around with mobile coupons.

Wowpons mobile coupons app is currently available for the iPhone, and will soon be available on Android. Use your smartphone or the Wowpons website to store all your coupons on your stores’ loyalty cards. Your mobile coupons will be automatically redeemed when you scan your store’s loyalty card when you check out.

You’re also able to sign up for membership and rewards in specific stores and install those on Wowpons. While there are several apps out there, they all offer different features and benefits. Wowpons tries to deliver the most comprehensive list of mobile coupons and grocery stores. We are affiliated with 30 of America’s largest grocery store chains, so chances are, the store you shop at is already on the Wowpons program.

Technology has made all of our lives easier by creating applications that will be used on a regular basis. Wowpons lets you search for a specific product or brand on our website, or scan the barcode off a paper coupon with the built-in scanner and your phone’s camera. Then our geocoding feature will create a comprehensive list of all the stores that offer that specific product or brand and where you will find the best deal.

Say goodbye to the excessive amounts of junk mail coupons each week and ridiculous amount of shopper cards on key chains and say hello to mobile coupons and Wowpons. We want to make your life easier in these hard economic times, by making it possible for you to save without losing the quality that you are looking for.


About smartmobileshopper

WOW! Saving money at the grocery store is faster and easier than ever before with WOWPONS mobile app for grocery coupons! In just 3 easy steps you can save Time, Money, and the Planet with WOWPONS: 1. Download WOWPONS to your smart phone 2. Use your phone to scan & add grocery and drugstore items to your custom WOWPONS list 3. Enjoy big savings as WOWPONS searches for all the coupons on products you use every day! No more searching online, printing coupons, or clipping coupons for the products you need. WOWPONS Saves Time and Saves the Planet by automatically gathering all of the best coupons just for you. Save Money while WOWPONS’ genius application finds your grocery store’s location and combines all the offers on the products you buy into a single streamlined mobile site: Online coupons, printable coupons, grocery coupons, mobile coupons and more. If a coupon isn’t available for the brand you usually buy, WOWPONS suggests a similar product from a different manufacturer. Wow…that’s smart! WOWPONS takes savings on Time, Money and the Planet even further to meet the lifestyle needs of you and your family. Does your doctor tell you to eat only heart-healthy or gluten-free foods? No problem. Have a preference for only organic or Kosher foods? WOWPONS’ smart integration with national food nutrition databases takes care of that too. WOWPONS is FREE in your smart phone’s mobile application store and there are NO membership fees. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to save!
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