Load Grocery Coupons on Your Grocery Store Loyalty Cards with WOWPONS

Grocery coupons have never been easier than with WOWPONS. Are you tired of trying to keep all your coupons organized? Keep getting disappointed when an expired coupon makes its way into your transaction? There’s a better way with WOWPONS.

With a smartphone or even just Internet access, shoppers who want to save money have a new way of keeping their grocery coupons organized. With WOWPONS, spending-conscious consumers can access coupon savings and tie them to their grocery store loyalty cards.

When getting started with WOWPONS, you add the retailers where you shop most frequently, and register your grocery store loyalty cards with WOWPONS. Most grocery coupons are compatible with most major grocery retailer, making it easy for our users to save just about anywhere.

When you hit the store, start scanning the desired items with your smartphone’s camera. WOWPONS searches for that manufacturer’s coupons and for any grocery coupons being offered by the retailer. Some stores offer double or triple grocery coupons and WOWPONS will pick up on any current offers. Once grocery coupons are recognized after scanning the barcode, WOWPONS will add any applicable coupons to your loyalty card.

Then you simply hand the cashier your loyalty card to redeem all the loaded coupons. The register will pull out any coupons on the loyalty card that match up to items in the transaction and apply the savings. Now, you don’t have to scrounge through all your personal items to locate all grocery coupons that apply to the purchase. They are all already on your shopping card.

WOWPONS allows shoppers to save on the items that they normally buy at the grocery store. Since you scan your desired product with their mobile phone’s camera, you are looking for savings on that particular item. WOWPONS will track your items that are purchased and customize your page on our website. You can easily use this create a mobile shopping list, too.

WOWPONS enables thrifty shoppers like you to make the most out of your shopping experience by tying savings to your loyalty card. Loyalty cards typically fit into a credit card slot in your wallet or on your keychain. These are things you typically don’t leave the house without. Now using coupons is as easy as remembering your wallet and keys. With WOWPONS, you can say good bye to disappointing expired coupons. Tying your digital grocery coupons to your familiar loyalty cards makes it more likely that you will actually save while shopping. All you need are items that you already use – a loyalty card and your smartphone.


About smartmobileshopper

WOW! Saving money at the grocery store is faster and easier than ever before with WOWPONS mobile app for grocery coupons! In just 3 easy steps you can save Time, Money, and the Planet with WOWPONS: 1. Download WOWPONS to your smart phone 2. Use your phone to scan & add grocery and drugstore items to your custom WOWPONS list 3. Enjoy big savings as WOWPONS searches for all the coupons on products you use every day! No more searching online, printing coupons, or clipping coupons for the products you need. WOWPONS Saves Time and Saves the Planet by automatically gathering all of the best coupons just for you. Save Money while WOWPONS’ genius application finds your grocery store’s location and combines all the offers on the products you buy into a single streamlined mobile site: Online coupons, printable coupons, grocery coupons, mobile coupons and more. If a coupon isn’t available for the brand you usually buy, WOWPONS suggests a similar product from a different manufacturer. Wow…that’s smart! WOWPONS takes savings on Time, Money and the Planet even further to meet the lifestyle needs of you and your family. Does your doctor tell you to eat only heart-healthy or gluten-free foods? No problem. Have a preference for only organic or Kosher foods? WOWPONS’ smart integration with national food nutrition databases takes care of that too. WOWPONS is FREE in your smart phone’s mobile application store and there are NO membership fees. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to save! www.wowponsmobilegrocerycoupons.com
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